LEWISTON (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Twelve year old Mackenzie Garcia and eleven year old Allie Pineau are not your average pre-teens. During the school year, the two of them go shopping, pack up some bags of food and then supply them to almost 60 students at their school. Students who don't get enough food.

"There are some kids in our school that just struggle having dinner at night or waking up and having breakfast and they come to school and they are hungry so we put these bags together so when they knew they would not have to worry about having a meal," said Garcia.

Allie's father raises the money for the food through social media posts telling his friends what the girls are up to. Allie came up with the idea of making food bags to help the homeless in her area and then her grandmother suggested kids in her school may need help also. It's something she had not thought about doing but something she was definitely aware of.

"Some kids when they are at lunch you can see how much they are trying to consume and some of them ask for other people's food and it made me think those are the ones who are trying to get as much food as they can while they have it," said Pineau.