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Buddy to Buddy | Laura's lesson: Treat the whole self

Cancer survivor Laura Garcia shares the importance of emotional healing on the road to recovery from breast cancer

AUBURN (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Even though she claims she never thought of herself as a particularly creative person, Laura Garcia says art played a huge role in her recovery from breast cancer.

Laura says throughout her treatment, she was in "fight mode," focused entirely on her physical healing and well-being. It wasn't until her treatment was over, and the members of her support system went back to their daily lives, that she realized there was a big void, and that she had neglected to deal with the emotional side of the healing process.

In this Buddy to Buddy report, Laura describes how she came to realize that there was more to recovery than just physical healing, and how art helped her get in touch with her deepest emotions and build a new life post-cancer.

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