LYMAN (NEWS CENTER Maine) — Kelly Roy's first visit to a doctor after being diagnosed with breast cancer was not a good experience. She says the receptionist and nurse were not particularly warm and friendly, and the doctor was equally curt. "I would ask questions, and I would not get answers. It was referred to the nurse," she says, "So I left that appointment still with so many unanswered questions and very, very scared."

Fortunately, Roy had already lined-up an appointment with another doctor for a second opinion. That experience was completely different, starting with the receptionist who asked her how she was feeling that day and told her that she was in the right place. Then the nurse: "And she came in and said, 'Would it help you to know that I had been in your place just two years ago?' And I was like -- instant tears," says Roy, "And I went in and I met this doctor, and basically I like to tell people: He picked me up. He dusted me off. He told me, 'you're going to be okay.'"

Roy adds, "I had a third opinion on the books ready to set up. I was going to drive down to Dana-Farber, But when I met him I thought -- he's for me. His team was amazing."

Bottom line, Roy says, is that you will be spending a lot of time with your medical team as you go through treatment, so it's of utmost importance to take the time initially to find people who make you feel comfortable. "You have to have peace in your heart about it. It has to feel right."