It’s been said that “children who eat healthier can think better, learn more, and make wiser choices”. Jenny Pendleton took this statement to heart and created Caring For Kids to create snack packs with fruits and veggies and send them home with students on Fridays.

Families who receive free or reduced meals during the school year in the Bristol and South Bristol communities are eligible for this program. A humble and strong leader, Jenny has helped to pull the communities together to provide basic needs for families who are struggling.

60-80 snack packs are distributed weekly, sending each child home with food that they may not have had without Caring For Kids. Not only does Caring for Kids provide food for kids, but with Jenny leading the rally, a Christmas project tends to more than 90 families each year and supplies them with gifts and personal care items.

Always helping out her community, Jenny even supplies families with food during the summer months as well as offering a day of games, crafts, and field trips. Jenny’s commitment to the wellbeing of the children has taken her dream and made it into a reality benefiting the entire community.