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2018 6 Who Care Winner: Blake Austin

Blake Austin is a 2018 6 Who Care Award winner

PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Blake Austin loves all animals. Cats just happen to be her favorite, which is why Blake became a certified foster cat caretaker for the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine. She has fostered over 90 cats and kittens in her home.

Blake has been trained by CHS to provide basic medical care to cats, which includes taking daily weights and administering eye drops and oral medications. Blake is a certified adoption ambassador for CHS, which allows her to adopt CHS foster cats directly out of her home.

Once a cat is healthy enough to be adopted, Blake showcases them on the social media account she created for cat adoptions.

Blake’s other volunteer roles at CHS include being a volunteer summer camp counselor at animal camp, a volunteer host for CHS birthday parties, and dressing as “Coastie” the CHS mascot for events. She has also raised over $500 for CHS through donations and fundraising.

Did we mention Blake is only 14 years old, has been a volunteer at CHS since she was 8 years old, and has logged over 1,300 hours of service in just 6 years?

Blake has chosen the Coastal Humane Society to donate her $1,000 award to.