WHITTIER, Calif. (KTHV) – Sometimes an act of kindness can lead to the unlikeliest of friendships.

In this case, a former stray dog saved the life of a hummingbird. They have been inseparable ever since.

The story, originally reported by CBS Los Angeles and picked up by thedodo.com, explains how a man found his house occupied by two new members he never expected.

Last year on a walk with his adopted dog Rex in California, Ed Gernon noticed a hummingbird on the ground covered in ants.

Gernon assumed the bird was dead, but his dog refused to leave the animal.

Gernon told CBS Los Angeles that he took the bird into his home and under his constant care nursed it back to health.

However, the hummingbird, aptly named Hummer, refuses to leave Rex’s side. Perhaps Hummer understands the role the rescue dog played in rescuing her own life.

Watch their remarkable interaction in the videos included in this story.

CBS Los Angeles shared their story on YouTube as well: