If you like bitter, disgusting coffee beverage travesties, Starbucks' upcoming Zombie Frappuccino may be your go-to drink for its six-day life.

The Zombie Frappuccino will be available in stores on Oct. 26, according to the website Day of the Human. The beverage will reportedly be available through Oct. 31, or while supplies last.

The new drink follows the Unicorn and Mermaid Frappuccinos, two colorful drinks that found Instagram fame.

This is a brilliant, brilliant made-for-instagram marketing scheme. Not going to lie, I don't hate the taste of it...certainly not as much as I hate myself for falling for this brilliant marketing scheme. But no one hates me more than the barista who made it (top right), I'm sure.

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The new, Halloween-themed beverage will be créme Frappuccino-based and consist of green caramel apple powder, pink powder (we're not sure what flavor, if any, the pink powder will have), pink whipped cream brains and a "pink mocha drizzle."

The Unicorn Frappuccino was a bitter conglomeration of flavors. If you like the idea of shoving a bunch of Starbursts covered in Sour Patch Kids dust in your mouth, the upcoming Zombie Frappuccino may be for you.

If you can't tell, IndyStar Social Media Platforms Editor Joe Tamborello prefers more traditional coffee beverages. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.