Meat companies are mixing vegetables into their burgers, nuggets and sausages. 

These brands are hoping to quell consumers' growing misgivings about meat and its impact on health and the environment. Applegate is introducing a line of meat-and-veggie burgers and meatballs at grocery stores next month. Tyson Foods is already selling a beef and pea protein patty as well as blended sausages while Perdue Farms has chicken-and-vegetable nuggets. 

Global food analyst with the market research company Mintel, Dasha Shor, says meat companies need to have a mix of products in their portfolio as the market evolves. Mintel says, "Consumers will not stop eating meat, but might eat less but of higher quality.” She said, “over the next few years or a decade, you’re going to see a less-but-better approach to eating animal proteins,” the Associated Press reports.  

One issue is price. These blended products have a higher cost, with Applegate charging $9.99 for four "Well Carved" burgers and Aldi charging $5.29 for the same amount of organic beef. Non-organic ground beef is even less expensive. 

Blended Meats
This photo provided by Applegate Farms shows Applegate Well Carved Organic Turkey Burgers, a line of meat-and-veggie burgers which the company is introducing at grocery stores next month. (AP)

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