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Meet Maine's media mogul

Reade Brower is an unlikely newspaper icon, but opportunities arose when he was "in the wrong place at the wrong time"

CAMDEN, Maine — Reade Brower is a man who likes a good story.  In that way, and many others, he should be in the newspaper business. 

He owns six of Maine's seven dailies and 21 weeklies. He laughs that he did this, "By being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Check out our entire raw interview with Reade here:

He actually sold newspaper advertising while at UMass. He also showed an entrepreneurial spirit by creating creating a coupon sheet.

He laughs at his lot in life and seems to take no more pleasure in living life as a mogul than he did when he was living more modestly.

"I lived ten years, where I did not make a total of $100,000," he said with a big smile. "However, if I make ten, I live on ninety-five hundred."

He followed his girlfriend, now his wife Martha to Maine.  She was an art teacher who, Reade jokes, had to explain what she saw in him to her friends.

"She would tell them, 'Reade is a newspaper magnat who sells balloons on the side,'" he jokes.

He said a turning point in his life was when the Sno Bowl turned him down for a job shoveling snow. "The other guys had more experience," he laughs. They actually had held the job before.  However, it was at this point that he knew he'd better take matters into his own hands.

He started a weekly newspaper called the Camden Free Press. 

He went on to create Target Marketing, a direct mail advertising company.

He added a automobile brochure which was distributed coast to coast. 

Throughout, he did printing for other organizations including his hometown Rockland Courier-Gazette.  As that paper went under, the local bank realized that he was the person who could keep it going. 

He acquired it and several mid-coast weeklies.  He was also printing other dailies and has slowly acquired The Lewiston Sun Journal, The Biddeford Tribune, The Waterville Sentinel, The Brunswick Times Record, The Kennebec Journal and Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.

He says he has no intent to buy the state's other daily, The Bangor Daily News.

Martha and Reade have two sons and live in Camden.