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Maine mom says goodbye to her son lost with El Faro

A mom from Maine on a beach in Florida saying goodbye to her son. Deb Roberts came to this beach because somewhere out in the Atlantic is her son Michael Holland. Michael was a crew member on the cargo ship El Faro when it vanished in Hurricane Joaquin.
Deb Roberts

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (NEWS CENTER) - Deb Roberts said goodbye to her son Wednesday night, the only way she had available to her.

Roberts' son, Michael Holland was a crew member of the El Faro, lost at sea in last week's Hurricane Joaquin.

Roberts has felt the rise and fall of her emotions during the past six days--as the US Coast Guard searched for her son Michael Holland--and the 32 other crew members aboard the El Faro.

The ship now lies some 15,000 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

"It's just been living in limbo for six days, so even though it's not the answer we wanted, we have answers now. What I find in peace is I envision the entire crew of the El Faro that went down in the ship together, and that's their final resting place," said Roberts. "If they can't be with this family, then they're with their family."

And while nature can hurt, nature can also heal.

The ocean's waters, the last place her son was alive, now the only thing she has to hold on to him.