BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's a company right here in Maine that makes products found in outer space, deep oceans, and mines, eight thousand feet underground. Yale Cordage was one of many companies at Maine International Trade Day at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor Thursday. Yale Cordage is one of Several Maine based businesses that owe its continued success to a growing export business. The manufacturer of rope and cordage products now does business with 30 countries across the globe. It was showcasing it's newest high strength synthetic ropes which the company says are being used more and more for deep ocean exploration.

"Instead of vessels and submersibles and things on the surface. It's all laid on the bottom and getting it there in deep ocean or getting it back in deep ocean is what these are all about," explains Thomas Yale, CEO of Yale Cordage.

The Maine International Trade Center says Maine's exports to the European Union grew 20 percent last year. One of the goals of the Maine International Trade Day conference was to highlight trade opportunities in the changing EU.