PORTLAND, Maine — A group called SolaRISE Portland marched from City Hall to Deering Oaks Park to hold a rally with student speakers and student performers to bring attention to placing solar panels on the roofs of Portland school buildings.

Students, and adults alike marched together to show the importance of creating an earth-friendly electrical system. 

So far, SolaRISE Portland has raised over $8,000 of their $25,000 goal to help fund costs of roof preparation and engineering work.

Spokesperson for SolaRISE Portland, Siri Pierce says, "SolaRISE Portland is advocating for solar arrays on school buildings as a part of our city's transition to a cleaner and brighter future, powered by renewable energy."

The Foundation for Portland Public Schools (a 501c3) is serving as the fiscal agent for SolaRISE Portland.