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You could step in a fire ant pile if you walk through floodwaters at Austin's Lake Travis

Floating fire ant piles have been spotted in the Lago Vista area of Lake Travis as flood water continues to rise.

AUSTIN — Just in case you needed another reason to stay out of flood waters, KVUE Reporter Pattrik Perez spotted a floating fire ant pile on Lake Travis.

Humans are not the only ones trying to escape the flood water. As the water rises higher, fire ants cling together to form a raft and climb on top of debris.

The fire ants just add another hazard for those in flooded areas. Encountering one of these piles could be pretty unpleasant as the ants can deliver a painful sting.


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Not only could you find fire ants in the flood water, but also other bugs and snakes are a big concern.

Debris can sometimes be hidden under the water, which could trap you underwater. It also is not always easy to tell how deep the water can be, or how fast the water could be moving.

Remember to avoid flooded areas and never try to drive through flooded roadways.

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