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Yacht that caught fire Saturday continues to leak diesel fuel

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection said crews were not aware of any shoreline impacts from the leak as of Tuesday.

PORTLAND, Maine — A yacht that caught fire near the mouth of the Piscataqua River on Saturday, forcing its occupants to jump to safety, was still leaking an unknown volume of diesel fuel as of Tuesday, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection said in a news release. 

The 72-foot boat, called TOO ELUSIVE, caught fire Saturday afternoon. 

Three passengers and two dogs jumped overboard to safety when the yacht became engulfed in flames, and nearby boaters rescued them all. They were taken to nearby Portsmouth Hospital, where they were treated and released, an earlier NEWS CENTER Maine story reported. 

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The yacht eventually drifted into Maine waters, where it sank about two hours from the initial 911 call.

The Maine DEP issued an update on the possible environmental impacts of the wreckage Wednesday, noting that the vessel burned in approximately 80 feet of water just outside the main shipping channel. 

"The vessel owner was issued a Notice of Federal Interest by the U.S. Coast Guard, and the owner has contracted a local commercial salvage company to survey the wreck site and develop a salvage plan to ensure any further environmental and/or navigation impacts are properly mitigated," the release states.

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Diesel fuel sheen was visible in the area throughout the weekend, but the sheen had not reached the shoreline as of Tuesday. Based on surveillance of the area, the Maine DEP did note that the sunken yacht was continuing to leak fuel but is "expected to continue to dissipate naturally," the release states. 

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