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Turning byproducts into renewable energy

Wood and Sons make pellets from wood chips left over from local saw mills.

SANFORD, Maine — A Sanford company which is turning out fifty tons of wood pellets daily is having a hard time keeping up with the demand for renewable energy.

Wood and Sons have been in business for less than year. They turn leftover sawdust and wood chips from local sawmills into wood pellets. 

The process involves loading the chips into this machines where they are ground into sawdust. Then it's dried to get the moisture content to five percent. Customers are clamoring for the pellets which the company says are 30 percent cheaper than oil and 50 percent less costly than propane. 

"We are using every bit that is coming out of those harvests. We have been sold out every month since we got started," said Tony Wood. 

Wood and Sons currently employs 18 people, the hope is to have 25 employees by summer of next year.

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