BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – If it seems a lot of people around you seem to be under the weather, it is not just in your head.

Whether you're at home, school, or work, you just cannot escape it.

"It is certainly going around," Physician Assistant Matthew DeRosby. "We've seen a recent spike in true influenza recently.”

So how do you tell you have the flu as opposed to just the common cold?

"People get a severe cough. It's usually dry. That's accompanied by a headache, a sore throat and severe muscle aches. People describe it as feeling as though they've been hit by a truck,” he said.

In Maine alone there have been 322 confirmed cases of the flu so far this year.

That compared to just 65 cases at this time last year.

However total cases in all of last flu season exploded to nearly 24-hundred by the end.

"Everybody wants me to make them feel better right away, and it's just not possible,” DeRosby said.

He said it is still not too late to get that flu shot.

As far as the more common cold, he recommends the following:

"Hand washing is the most important thing and distancing yourself socially and distancing yourself from people you know are sick."

That may seem obvious, but when we asked you the viewers for your tried and true remedies, we got some very interesting ones.

Lindy Babb recommend gargling with water and cayenne pepper.

Becky Knox suggested loading up on vitamin C.

Joe Whalen said to drink “lots of H20 & Bushmills Whiskey”

"Being a lifelong Mainer, I understand and completely feel for the Maine ingenuity,” DeRosby said. “But some of these things are a little bit far-fetched. If they work great, but I'm not sure the science is there to support them.”

So if worse comes to worse, just wash those hands and ride it out.

There are also concerns about the norovirus across the country and the state. For that, DeRosby said the same rules apply.