WINTHROP, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — With the rules for legal use of recreational marijuana being finalized, interest in it is growing.

From people who want to set up businesses, to individuals who want to learn the best way to use it. A business in Winthrop has been educating medicinal users about marijuana for a few years. Now, its opening up its learning center to people interested in recreational marijuana as well.

“There’s reasons for people to smoke it, but vaporizing, capsules, tinctures, sauves, suppositories, cooking. I have so many people who just enjoy doing the cooking classes”, said Catherine Lewis of Homegrown Healthcare.

Frequently asked questions about legal marijuana

Lewis and the staff at her Winthrop business are inviting anyone interested in recreational marijuana to take one of their many classes on the topic.

“We have classes on the law, on setting up a business, starting seeds and clones, plant care, growing”, she said.

From the pro and cons of indoor and outdoor growing, to storage so the plants don't grow mold, to starting your own business.

“The basics of setting up a business, payroll, taxes, getting your ID numbers, registering with the state for sales tax. So they’re going to get a crash course on setting up a business”, she said.

Lewis says now that legal recreational marijuana is here, it’s in everyone’s best interest to be educated about it.

“Anyone over the age of 21 can grow and use and possess. Now they just need to know what to do with it”, she said.

Right now there are three classes set for October on the topics of harvesting, seeds and cloning, and methods of ingesting.