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Window inserts provided to low-income families

AmeriCorps and Husson University partner to provide 300 window inserts to low-income families to help offset expensive heating bills.

BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) — Heating your home for an entire Maine winter is not an easy task. Even when heating prices are low, it still takes a significant chunk out of many Mainer’s budgets.

To try and offset those expensive heating bills, AmeriCorps partnered with Husson University to provide free window inserts to the community.

"When you’re able to provide something like that, you not only save low-income families on their heating, you can also provide warmer, more comfortable home for them," said AmeriCorps energy efficiency coordinator Christine Siebert.

Window inserts fight right into your current window frame and help keep the heat in, and the cold out. It can help save families on heating costs during the winter time.

"Especially with oil, which is what we have, you can easily save $500," said volunteer and window insert user Weeza Matthias. "Last winter we spent at least $2,500."

AmeriCorps and Husson University worked to make more the 300 window inserts. That will help more than 50 families keep their homes warm and save money during Maine’s long winters.

The groups also had help from Window Dresser. It is a nonprofit that works to build window inserts. It will be holding insert making workshops in Jackson and Machias later this week.

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