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Windham High School class of 1989 T-shirt travels the country collecting signatures

A T-shirt has collected more than 100 signatures. The organizer said it's a way to reconnect with former classmates, especially during a pandemic.

WINDHAM, Maine — If you think you've logged a lot of miles in your favorite T-shirt, think again.

A T-shirt has traveled across the county collecting more than 100 signatures—all from members of the Windham High School class of 1989.

David Wells came up with the idea last September and thought it would be great for people in the class to sign it for their 50th birthdays. He said he found most of his fellow classmates on Facebook and shipped the shirt to them.

"We just constantly try and catch up with different people," said Wells.

Signing the T-shirt helped Michelle Kinney get through the coronavirus pandemic, and to keep memories of a simpler time alive.

"It was great to see what everyone in the class is doing now. High school for some of us was a big deal. It's a big part of our lives and where we formed a lot of our friendships," said Kinney.

Friendships that are continuing, years later, especially for Tammy Woolley who now lives in Florida.

"You don't hear about this and it brought our class back together. I had no idea where a lot of these people even lived. [There are] people in Florida that I didn't even know lived here," said Woolley.

It's proof that while some friendships fade over the years, they can be rekindled, as long as you're willing to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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