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What the 'cluck'? How to prevent salmonella with backyard chickens

Whatyou need to know to protect yourself and your family from salmonella if you raise your own chickens.

DIXMONT (NEWS CENTER Maine) – A number of recent food recalls have been linked to salmonella across the country, but now the Center for Disease control have found even backyard chickens are stirring up fears.

The CDC found more than 200 cases linked to people tending their own chickens, including at least one in Maine.

"There's lots of different ways to get salmonella so I think it's just about education and really a lot of common sense," Lisa Steele, the founder of Fresh Eggs Daily, said.

Steele said the concern is probably due to a rise in the popularity of raising chickens. The author and social media influencer recommends the following:

1) Wash your hands

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling chickens or anything in or around the coop. Steele suggests keeping hand sanitizer

2) Keep an eye on the kids

Young kids should always be supervised. Make sure they keep their hands out of their face and wash up thoroughly afterwards.

3) Wear boots

Always wear designated footwear that is only used around the chickens. Do not wear it in your house or out in public.

"Keep your chickens out of the house, wash your hands, use common sanitation, keep your coops clean. It really shouldn't scare anybody," Steele said.

For more on Fresh Eggs Daily you can find Steele on Facebook or visit FreshEggsDaily.com.

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