WESTBROOK, Maine — An insubstantial ice disk has formed in Westbrook's Presumpscot River, and some are wondering if this is version 2.0 of the brittle transparent crystalline solid that swept and spun the nation last month.

Quickly, let's go through the parameters of an ice disk formation:

✔️ Temperatures average at or below freezing (since Saturday, Feb. 9, the temperature has averaged below 32°)
✔️ Body of water has varying depth, creating at least two different current speeds (watch Ryan Breton's explanation at 0:59)
✔️ It's winter in Maine

The original ice disk, the OG, was unstuck by a paddle boarder on Jan. 17 and survived a hatchet hacking on Jan. 24. But it was no match for a stretch of unseasonably warm weather following Super Bowl weekend, which topped out at 62° on Feb. 5. Then, winter weather returned, renewing hope.

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Webcam footage on Monday showed a visible ice structure, mainly circular, which resembles its predecessor. Birds, like before, were on the surface.

If it is a rebirth of the great blue moon-like structure, time is limited. Temperatures are predicted to hold below freezing until Tuesday, but then highs increase to about 40° Wednesday through Saturday. Expected snowfall in that time period could reinforce or strengthen the disk, but not if it's rain.

We'll have to wait and see.