WESTBROOK, Maine — In a Facebook post on Friday, the City of Westbrook indicated that an ice disc is beginning to form in the Presumpscot River yet again. Anyone who witnessed Ice Disc Mania 2019 knows this disc, and the frenzy surrounding it, could only get bigger and bigger.

"There appears to be another ice disc forming in the Presumpscot River in Downtown Westbrook. It is not a perfect circle yet, but it is rotating counter-clockwise again and the seagulls are along for the ride. Fingers crossed it forms a perfect circle in all its glory," the City of Westbrook wrote in the post.

As of Monday, the famed ice disc is more of a frozen blob and covered in snow.

Even on a chilly January day, Ice Disc 2.0 drew a crowd, and people were still impressed despite the less-than-spherical shape. 

Westbrook ice disk 2020
City of Westbrook

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