WESTBROOK (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Police made two arrests and are looking to make one more as they investigate an assault on a driver in Westbrook.

Police said three passengers turned on a driver after he gave them a ride to Ash Street around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The passengers are accused of threatening the driver with a gun and then using it to beat him.

Responding to the area of the robbery, police approached two people who matched their descriptions of the passengers. A search of the pair turned up a gun on one of them.

As a juvenile, the younger suspect's name was not released, but police identified the elder suspect as 21-year-old Nadira Thomas of Westbrook. Police arrested both of them on charges or robbery and aggravated assault. Thomas was sent to Cumberland County Jail, while the juvenile went to Long Creek Youth Development Center.

Police are looking for the third passenger from the car.