WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Hundreds of Maine Patriots fans got to meet one of the superstars of Super Bowl 51 Monday night in Westbrook.

For one Westbrook teenager, his writing gave him the chance to meet his hero.

When the Patriots won Super Bowl 51: it’s a moment few Patriots fans will ever forget...

It's hard to believe that moment can be topped, but for 14-year-old Niko Woodhouse - Monday, it was.
“This is better than Patriots tickets,” he said.

Niko got to meet New England Patriot, record-breaking, winning-touchdown-scoring running back, Super Bowl champion James White.

#28 - like fans - is still reeling from the moment he scored the touchdown to win Super Bowl 51.

“Blackout pretty much,” he said as he described the moment he made the winning drive. “I was just running around. LeGarrette came and tackled me. It was like, 'Did that just really happen?' It's still surreal.”

It took writing an essay for Niko to get the chance to meet his role-model – and it was inspired by his dad. “Ever since I was a little kid, my dad has put me in front of the TV watching Patriots games, and always put a hat on me and stuff and taught me to cheer,” he said.

Niko's dad has been trying to get Patriots tickets for the last few seasons - but his health got in the way. He had multiple congestive heart failures, plus issues from his time in the military.

Niko wrote about this in an essay to Q97.9 - and won an exclusive meet and greet with White.

“His dad was in the military, I have family in the military - so it's pretty cool, we can relate there,” White said about Niko’s family. “It's awesome to see kids be able to write. That's very important. That will take you a long way.”

Writing already took Niko all the way to meet his hero, but who knows? Maybe a Patriots game will be next.