WINTHROP, Maine — Downtown Winthrop looked like an icy ghost-town Sunday, but the 'open' sign on Sully's Restaurant was shining bright and plow truck drivers, locals took advantage of the spot.

"We tend to be the only place open so that tends to help business since we’re the only ones open." owner Sully Hinds said.

Sully’s is a staple of the small town, known for being open 365 days a year, rain or shine.

"As you can see there are a lot of people that have to work," Hinds said. "So we stay quite busy on snowy days."

It gave plow drivers like John and Tony Currier and Larry Ridley a place to take a break.

"I started plowing this morning at 5 o’clock." John Currier said.

"We’re pretty warm in the trucks but it’s nice to get out of the trucks a little bit." Tony Currier said.

Even locals came out to take advantage of the spot after a weekend on the sleds.

"We cut our snowmobiling short because of the snow we didn’t want to get snowed in up there'" Winthrop resident Richard Kulinski said. "So we came back down before storm-a-gedon hit."

While the conditions outside will keep those on the road busy for a good chunk of the day, they say it could be much worse.

"It’s awesome, I think it’s great," Larry Ridley said. "If this was wet we probably would’ve gone out three or four times."

In the meantime, places like Sully’s will leave the light on and the door unlocked for all of those brave enough to weather the storm.

"As long as we’ve got power and people can get here then we’re open." Hinds said.