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Coast Guard rescues four people from boat stranded on Penobscot River

Three men and a Maine Game Warden got a boat stuck on a rock in the Penobscot River. The U.S. Coast Guard is now responding.

BRADLEY, Maine — What started out as a water rescue for 3 men who’s boat hit a rock in the Penobscot River near the Old Town Mill, ended up being a rescue for 4 people on Monday.

Officials say three men from the University of Maine entered the River from French Island in Old Town.

Margaret Nagle, Senior Director of Public Relations said the students were conducting fieldwork when the incident occurred.

A Maine Game Warden’s boat, responding to help the students, hit a rock and his boat became submerged as he made it to the other boat.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter was called in to assist in the rescue from Cape Cod.

By 9:30 p.m. all 4 people were pulled from the boat up to the Coast Guard helicopter.

The 4 were taken to the Bangor International Airport to meet up with a Bangor Fire Department Rescue team.

Nagle said, The UMaine community thanks to all the first responders involved in the rescue.

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