THE FORKS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This time of year many riders are firing up their snowmobiles and enjoying the many trails around Maine -- however, the recent warm-up is causing a bit of a problem for trail conditions.

The Forks is a central spot for those looking for diverse trail options -- many will use resources provided by an area favorite, Northern Outdoors. "There's plenty of snow and plenty of cold" Northern Outdoor's president Russell Walters said. "Those are the conditions we like". Walters claimed this season has been one of the best -- there was a large amount of snow pact after the numerous snow storms that rolled through the area in February.

"We thought we would were all set for a great season all the way through March and then mother nature dealt us a bit of a cruel blow" Walters said. "The trails have taken a little bit of a toll".

The warm temperatures and rain has created some bare spots on trails as well as icy conditions. "The water was running off this ridge and its coming down into the trail" Walters pointed. "There was such a lot of water that it completely eroded the trail right underneath it, you wouldn't want to hit that with your snowmobile".

In the last couple weeks alone, Maine has seen some 10-20 inches of snow melt statewide -- conditions like the ones Walters described are likely to be seen everywhere. He's reminding everyone to use caution when out riding, especially in wooded areas and around water.

"Watch your speed because you could turn a corner and just around the corner there could be a wash out" Walters said.

Luckily for Northern Outdoors, they have trail groomers to help with the conditions. Greg Caruso will be out trying to extend the life of the trails. "We were trying to catch it before it froze solid, you know and try to scratch it up a little bit so theres some lubrication for the sleds" Caruso said. "You do what you can, you try to bob and weave and grab some off the side -- it's kind of a delicate balance".

A delicate balance and a necessary task to help riders stay out on the trails through rain and shine.