TOPSHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A potentially rabid fox attacked a man in a scrap yard, according to Game Wardens.

Mark Sleeper of Wiscasset was at Grimmel Industries around 6:45a.m. on Tuesday when a grey fox attacked.

It bit his arm, and then attacked again. Sleeper was able to get the fox off and it ran away, according to Corporal John MacDonald.

Sleeper was taken to the Midcaost Hospital in Brunswick, where he was administered the rabies vaccine.

Much later in the day, a driver on the Grimmel property hit a fox with a car.

It was a grey fox, looking sickly and it had porcupine quills in its face. Corporal MacDonald said this leads them to believe that it was the same fox that attacked Sleeper.

The fox was taken to the lab for testing.