Many oil companies in Maine are struggling to find drivers.

A good economy and a lack of young people going into the industry is making it difficult for oil companies to keep up with demand. 

It's an industry-wide problem. 

But there is one oil company in Portland that is bucking the trend.

Steve Giroux is the general manager of Giroux Energy Solutions. "A lot of our employees have been with us a long time, so knock on wood, we're doing well right now."

For now, Giroux, says while they are fully staffed, he is concerned about the future. "What's happening, even in the service side of the industry is there is no young blood coming into the business, so we are an aging workforce in our industry, unfortunately."

Giroux says there is a stigma today that kids need to go to a four-year college to be successful. "I have kids of my own, in their 20's and they have no interest coming into the technical field. It's unfortunate because people can earn a good living."

Giroux said they're very busy, and not just because it's winter. "We're getting a lot of calls from competitors customers because whether it's lack of workforce or something else, they're not able to make deliveries." 

Giroux hopes for the good of the industry younger people will warm up to the idea of a job in the trades.