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Walking down the (greeting card) aisle: Sevierville couple gets married in Walmart

Nancy and Barry Lane fell in love at a Walmart. Then they tied the knot.

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. — Wedding planning can be stressful -- but a Sevierville couple found the perfect venue for their casual ceremony.

Newlyweds Nancy Conkright Lane and Barry Lane both work at a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Sevierville. Barry told 10News that the store isn't just their workplace -- it's where they fell in love.

Credit: Nancy Conkright Lane
In this photo, the couple smiles a few weeks before their wedding.

The couple got married in the store on Monday, surrounded by friends and coworkers. Nancy posted a video of the ceremony to a Facebook group called "Sevierville Speaks Out." 

Sevierville Speaks Out has 45,990 members. We are a place to let people know about community related things. I created this page for my community. Here...

"This is so bizarre," Nancy said in the video, smiling as she walked to the makeshift altar.

"I thought, 'This'll be the first Walmart wedding,'" officiator Sam Steele said in the video. "Well, it's not."

But Steele went on to say that it's not about the venue -- it's about the love being celebrated.

"Love is not an emotion, it's an action," Steele said. "Love is not something you think or feel, it's something that you do."

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Within a day, more than a hundred group members commented their congratulations -- but some had questions. One well-wisher asked why the couple chose Walmart. 

Nancy replied that the idea started small: "We both work here, and it actually started out as a joke, but our coworkers ran with it."

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Most of the comments were simply saying "Congratulations," and a few had seen the couple at the store. 

"We love this man!" One commenter wrote. "He is so nice and so good to the kids when we're there." 

"And did he snag a pretty bride!" another added.