Since the beginning, those in favor of Central Maine Power's controversial transmission line project have made a number of promises to the Maine people -- from how much money the project will generate for the state to the number of jobs it will bring.

However, flyers sent out by the group in support of the project seem to contradict themselves, so where does the truth lie?

We set out to Verify.

The flyers were first brought to our attention by the Sandra Howard, director of Say NO to NECEC, earlier this week.

The two flyers are identical, except one promises 1,600 jobs for Mainers and the other promises 3,500.

CMP flyers

"It's obvious at this point that we just can't trust CMP's information about the corridor," Howard says in an emailed release sent to NEWS CENTER Maine. "How many misleading claims and infuriating mistakes can one company make?".

To find out why the flyers had two different numbers, we reached out to Thorn Dickinson. Dickinson is the vice president of business development at Avangrid, CMP's New York-based parent company.

"The difference between these two numbers is easily understood by anyone familiar with this project and Maine's approval process," Dickinson said in a statement to NEWS CENTER Maine. "One refers to the average number of jobs supported each year over the six years of development, and the higher number is the expectation during the peak year of construction -- both mailers are accurate."

So, we can Verify identical flyers with two different numbers were sent out, but each represents job growth for different stages of the project.

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