PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Jill Hinckley has been helping people find love for the last five years.

If you recognize her last name, it’s because of her former job working for her family’s iconic boat building business.

“I was helping people find jobs in the boat business,” says Jill Hinckley, founder of Hinckley Introductions.

Her recruiting role is what inspired her to connect people on a romantic level.

“I work with people 40 and up.”

In this digital age, how can the business of matchmaking survive with all the different types of dating apps out there?

“Interestingly enough matchmaking is making a huge comeback because of all of those things. Again, I work with people 40 and up, they are overwhelmed.”

Different political views, continue to provide challenges for her business, too.

Hinckley has help from her business partner, Carolyn Clement. They say it’s never too late to start looking for your mate.

“Some of the conversations we have with the 80 year-olds you would think we’re having with a 40 year-old," says Carolyn Clement, Director of Client Relations.

With Valentine’s Day on Wednesday...

“It’s a time for love and romance,” says Hinckley.

Hinckley says there’s something to be said whether you’re a fan of the day, or you dread it.

“Make it a fun day. Do something with your friends. When I was single I received flowers from one of my best friends, it was the best thing ever....If you are in a relationship at Valentine’s Day set your expectations in line. It can be a time when you get so excited and think of all the potential things that can happen but just make sure you enjoy it and your share love, there’s not enough love in this world.”