BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - With Christmas under 24 hours away the United States Postal Service was hard at work sunday making last minute deliveries.

The Eastern Maine Carrier Annex had almost 1,500 packages, cards and letters to bring to customers hoping to get their parcels before St. Nick's arrival.

"Most of us are guilty of being last minute shoppers and it shows today especially," said USPS driver Bryce Alley.

Alley had over 100 parcels to deliver on Sunday to almost 90 different locations around the Bangor area.

"It is super busy," said Alley. "It is stressful most days. A lot of us have been working more than 10 hours every single day."

Postmaster Stephen Dalessandro says that Sunday delivery began about two years ago. Because of the holiday demand, they have almost doubled their usual Sunday staffing.

"This one is it for us," said Dalessandro. "We have all of the volunteers in to work on this because we want to make everyone's Christmas fufilled."

Although stressful, for USPS, the looks on their customers faces it worth it.

"I enjoy people being excited in time for their children for Christmas," said Alley. "They let you know that you are appreciated."