PORTLAND — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a crackdown on fentanyl in ten states, including Maine.

Sessions was in Portland on Friday where he unveiled Operation Synthetic Opioid Surge (SOS). The plan orders prosecutors in 10 states including Maine to aggressively prosecute every synthetic opioid case. Sessions says by going after fentanyl dealers drug networks will be weakened and the availability of fentanyl will be limited.

“Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for people under 50,” Sessions told a group of law enforcement officials and the media. “Maine is in the top ten states for overdose deaths. Maine is breaking record after tragic record. We are not going to stand by idly. President Trump says ending the drug crisis is a top priority. We’re not focusing on the users, we’re focusing on the suppliers.”

Sessions also blamed doctors for exacerbating the problem.

“Since January, we have charged more than 200 doctors for opioid-related crimes. Sixteen of those doctors prescribed more than 20 million pills illegally. Another doctor was found with $1 million under his bed.”

Sessions spoke for about twenty minutes and did not take any questions. He was greeted by a small group of protestors in front of the US Attorney’s Office in Portland where he spoke.