BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For Phil Bozenhard, the reintroduction of turkeys to Maine was the crowning jewel of a life's work. The retired Maine wildlife biologist is thrilled that Maine's turkey population has reached 60,000.

"It's thrilling to me," Bozenhard said. "They have more than 15,000 people buying licenses each year."

The numbers certainly support the idea that the reintroduction has been successful. About 7,500 turkeys are shot every year by hunters.

However, some aren't so pleased. Turkeys can cause problems in a small area like a yard or a dairy farm. A large flock of turkeys can dirty up an area. They are also a carrier of deer ticks which bring disease.

Traffic accidents involving turkeys increase every year. Last year, there were 43 accidents involving vehicles and turkeys.