HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Sharing the road with big trucks can be nerve wracking, especially during a snow storm like the one that took place on Tuesday. However, truck drivers said they need to go about their day despite when the road conditions are unsafe.

Many of them were on the road for almost 10 hours on Tuesday and although snow and icy conditions set them back in their schedule -- the biggest hassle they said, was sharing the road with some passenger vehicles.
Smaller cars, they said, tend to speed up and then slow down when they get to a slippery spot whereas trucks are heavy enough to just keep it moving.

“That holds you on the road, you know what I mean? It gives you stability,” said Scott Harris, a truck driver with over thirty years of experiences. “If you've only got a little automobile, that's not much stability.”

“I would suggest to passenger cars to slow down a bit, let the truck go on its way. Don't try to race it and everyone will get along just fine,” said Charles Cottle, a truck driver.

Although tractor trailers can cruise in bad conditions-- stopping abruptly is nearly impossible. So staying out the way is their best advice.