BRUNSWICK (NEWS CENTER Maine) - Days with little or no water, officials in the town of Brunswick are now getting involved in a dispute between residents of a mobile home park and the park's owner.

People living at Bay Bridge Estates say they've been without water, off and on, for the past several days. But the owner of the park says the residents must take some responsibility for that lack of water.

More than a dozen of the park's residents gathered in Brunswick to express their anger and frustration over not having water.

It's bad enough dealing with the freezing temperatures, but imagine having to do it without water.

For some that water has slowed to a trickle, others like Linda McKnight, have no water at all. Residents now worry their pipes will freeze and their hot water heaters will break down.

"It presents an awful lot of issues for us and then we have to turn around and go to the laundromat to do anything or try to go to the Y to take showers", said resident Rodney Doray.

A Representatives of the owner, BBE LLC, says water consumption has gone from about 40,000 gallons a day to more than 75,000 gallons. Kevin McCarthy says it's because residents have been running water to prevent pipes from freezing.

Perry Estabrook of H20 Pumps was hired by the owner to deal with the situation by basically rationing water, turning the pressure down, then back up a few hours at a time to prevent the well's supply from going dry.

“We have to protect our system from going to zero water, so we have to reduce the flow out of the well house,” Estabrook said.

Residents are being urged not to run water constantly, keep their homes warm to prevent freezing pipes and insulate their pipes.

“And patience, I know that's probably difficult to find,” he said.

Leaving people without water to shower, flush toilets, do laundry or dishes has now caught the attention of Brunswick's Health Officer.

“A lot of those things would constitute a health issue. We've been contacted by the Attorney General's office and we are working with the CDC right now to make sure that we do the right thing,” said Brunswick Health Officer Jeff Emerson.

Emerson says the first step is to find out exactly what is going on, then come to an agreement with management to correct it. It that does not succeed the town can take enforcement actions.

The owner's representative says they won state approval to put a third well on the site. Work on that was set to begin in the spring, but now has been moved up until next week to try to address the current problem.