TOPSHAM (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Topsham police are investigating reports of students at Mt. Ararat High School using unsafe language, appearing to sound like a threat, which has made students and their families very concerned.

According to a statement posted by Principal Donna Brunette, "words used focused on violence at school."

"Follow up interviews confirm a conversation between two boys about an online video game focused on school violence and other comments that suggest one might do something at our school to scare students," Brunette said. "The students involved in this discussion are being disciplined for creating a significant disturbance at school and language that suggests a threat."

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The principal went on to say that administration had also heard another report that a student had made a statement that suggested a threat of violence [Friday] at school.

According to Brunette, follow-up conversations suggested this was a rumor and Topsham police have since followed up on the report.

"Based on information gathered regarding both reports, administration does not believe that there is any credible threat of violence at our school," she said.

Superintendent Brad Smith also addressed the reports.

"While some younger children may not even be aware of the incident in Florida, older students are talking, texting and posting on social media," Smith said. "Be aware that such information is often inaccurate or speculation. Nevertheless, we take any and all reports very seriously and cooperate fully with our local law enforcement agencies.

"We are currently unable to verify any specific threats to our high school or any of our schools," he said.

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Brunette assured parents and community members that all threats would be investigated to the fulled extent to ensure the safety of the school and students.

"The safety of our children is of primary concern," she said. "There will be an increased presence of police at school tomorrow as we begin our day to support students and parents sense of safety. School counselors will be available for children who are in need of direct support."

Smith told students and parents that the news of yet another school shooting heightens administrators' fears and anxiety about the safety of children everywhere, including in MSAD No. 75.

Brunette said school counselors will be available for children who are in need of direct support.