We are now in the beginning of November, and there are some stations out there already playing holiday and Christmas music!

You may think it's too early. Others may think it's not soon enough. A few of you say you listen to your holiday favorites all year round! So, we went to the experts (AKA Blake and Eva) at Coast 93.1. Here's what they had to say.

Here are a few of your responses we got from Facebook, too!

Theresa Harrington: "I Love Christmas music and all the different takes from various artists. So much with so little time to hear it all. I listen now as it lifts my spirits and I enjoy it. It is the sight and sounds that brighten my days, especially during this dark time of the year."

Dawn Hunter: "For me, it's too early. The first of December is perfect. I just saw a Christmas commercial on Channel 6, now that's waaayyyyyyy too early...lol"

Lesley Bryant Mahoney: "I’ve been playing Christmas music for about 2 weeks."

What're your thoughts? Use the hashtag #wakeMEup. We'd love to hear what you have to say!