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TIMELINE | Kristin Westra's husband recounts night his wife disappeared

Following the disappearance of his wife, Jay Westra spoke with NBC News about what he recalls from that night at the couple's North Yarmouth home.

Here's what Jay Westra recollects from Sept. 30 and the early morning of Oct. 1, the time period in which he says he last saw his wife Kristin before realizing she was missing:

► Sunday morning | Kristin sees licensed clinical practitioner about anxiety symptoms

"Sunday morning Kristin was experiencing what I would call some anxiety and she expressed that she had some sleepless nights and was worried and I helped her develop a plan. We have a [sic] I know somebody who is a licensed clinical nurse practitioner, and she graciously got us an appointment at 3 o'clock on Sunday."

► Sunday, 3 p.m. | Kristin schedules blood work, develops plan to re-focus exercise, diet

"Kristin met with [the nurse pracitioner] while my daughter and I were in the room next to her playing cards. After that, they left and it was [sic] there was a safety assessment and Kristin was not at risk for any harm to herself or anybody else. We had a plan that she was going to get some blood lab work done the next day, continue focusing on her yoga and running that — because of a lot of activities and start of school and construction — she had been not doing as much of, and then changing a little bit in her diet, working on her sleep patterns, and just some basic things that were a good plan. She made plans with a nurse practitioner, her sister-in-law, to have the labs drawn on Monday."

► Sunday evening | Kristin goes for run, eats 'well' during dinner, prepares for bed

"We came home after that and she made me a grocery list and I went with my daughter to buy groceries. She went for her run on Sunday and that was caught on a neighbor's camera, and so they saw her running. After that, we came home, we had a really good dinner, she ate well, showered and put my daughter to bed."

► Sunday bedtime | Kristin and Jay read together; she tells him she feels better

"We decided that we weren't going to watch TV — we don't watch TV in our room — but since our renovations the TV's just there, so we have slipped into doing that, so we said no, we're going to read books and go to sleep. She told me she felt better, we had a plan, and Kristin is a person who when she has a plan she sticks to the plan and she follows through and she does things well, every time."

► Monday, 3:30 a.m. | Kristin experiences 'restlessness'; Jay awakens to find her not in bed

"In the middle of the night, I could tell she felt restless, and I think she was trying not to wake me because I work the next day. And after that restlessness, at 3:30 [a.m.], I looked at the phone because she wasn't in bed, and I just thought, she's an extremely considerate person and thoughtful; and I thought, maybe she had gone to another room to another bed to sleep, or I thought she had gone downstairs to write her thoughts like she was asked to if she had racing thoughts."

► Monday, 6:20 a.m. | Jay realizes Kristin is no longer home, begins to worry

"At 6:20 [a.m.], I woke up as sort of our usual schedule. My daughter was up, she was getting herself ready for school. I showered. Didn't want to wake Kristin because I thought possibly she was asleep in the next room. And then after my shower, I walked by it, did not see her, panicked slightly about that, checked on my daughter and then went to the garage where we have a small kitchen setup while we're doing renovations. She wasn't there. I started to really worry. My daughter's very independent for a 10-year-old and she kept doing her normal morning routine."

► Monday morning | Jay searches his house, finds most of Kristin's belongings left behind

"I pretended to go out and walk the dogs so I could look a little bit. It was rainy, cold. I couldn't see where she would be. Her keys were here. Her purse was here. Her phone was here. Her car was here. Then, when I came back in — my daughter's routine is to practice her piano in the morning and she was doing that, and that gave me time to call a good friend over. He came over to take my daughter to school, and that was awesome and comfortable because they often [sic] we go to their house so she can go to the bus stop with those children."

► Monday morning | Jay searches neighborhood, personally asks law enforcement for help

"After that, I started to walk in a few places that I could think of. I got in my car and drove to a few places that I could think of, places where she would go for a run in the neighborhood. And after that, I stopped and I went [sic] in the center of town there's a small park, and I stopped and I asked a sheriff to help us. And after the sheriff started helping us he followed me back."

► Monday afternoon | Deputies, troopers and wardens conduct searches till dawn

"The sheriff's office has been working hard since then and they are still working hard. The state police interviewed me and they are still working hard. And not too long after that, in the afternoon, the Maine Warden Service started getting involved. They started doing an organized wood search with dogs and flashlights and grid work. And at a certain point in time, it was too late and too wet and too dark to continue, and they started everything back up at 6 a.m. [Tuesday] morning."

Jay told NBC News he's losing track of the days and the time. He said people have been working hard and that "the state and the wardens and the sheriffs have all been very kind and concerned."

The 47-year-old from North Yarmouth is a mother of two children and a teacher on Chebeague Island.

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