CONWAY, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- As investigators attempt to piece together Abby Hernandez's disappearance, they're asking for more help from the public to figure out why the 15-year-old was gone for 9 months.

October 9, 2013: She was last seen leaving Kennett High School in North Conway, wearing a gray sweater and black pants. This is the last known photo of her on that day.


October 22: Abby sent a letter to her mother, Her mother, Zenya Hernandez, received it on November 6.

December 6: Public learns of the letter.

May 9: Abby's mother offered 10 thousand dollars for anyone with information about her daughter's disappearance.

April 15: The FBI added 20 thousand to the reward -- and eventually, Abby's father doubled the 30 thousand dollar reward, bringing the reward to $60,000.

July 20: On Sunday, Abby Hernandez returned home. She was wearing the same clothes as the day she disappeared more than nine months ago. These are photos taken of those clothes -- and a bag -- which has a National Guard logo on it.


July 21: The public learns of Abby's safe return.

July 24: Police release a sketch of a man who was involved with her disappearance.

July 25: Friends of the family release a statement on the family's behalf

July 28: The Today Show features a story that includes an interview with Zenya Hernandez and shows a clip of Abigail reuniting with friends. It is the first time Ms. Hernandez speaks to the media since Abigail's return and the first image of Abigail broadcast to the public.

July 28: Police arrest Nathaniel E. Kibby of Gorham, New Hampshire, and charge him with one count of felony kidnapping for knowingly confining the North Conway teen with purpose to commit offense against her.