PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Subzero temperatures caused problems statewide on the first day of 2018.

In Berwick, a sprinkler pipe burst at Noble High School, forcing it to close on Tuesday while crews correct the issue.

Principal Joe Findlay said in a statement: "Due to damage to the Noble High School fire suppression system (frozen 8" pipes and a broken backflow preventer), Noble High School will be closed on Tuesday, January 2. Students and staff will not be allowed in the building until the fire system is operable."

He expected the school to re-open on Wednesday, January 3.

In Scarborough, a water main broke, flooding East Grand Avenue and leaving some people without water.

"It caught me off guard. My parents texted me and told me to get some water on my way home," said Wyatt Toohey, who was carrying jugs of water to his home.

Maine Water offered tips to prevent these types of breaks.

In Portland, people still went for their routine jogs around the Back Cove, despite frigid winds and chilly air.

"I think today the gyms are going to be pretty crowded. You know, new year, new you, all that stuff, it gets pretty full," said A.G. Gillis, who strapped on spikes over sneakers and layered up before his run.

Some dog walkers, like Brian Browne, said they had no choice, and decided to embrace the cold.

"I've learned to wear really good, warm clothing, then you're not distracted by trying to stay warm. You can kind of enjoy it," said Browne.