BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Tattoos are an increasingly popular form of self expression, often there is a story that goes along with them -- Diversified Tattoo helped dozens of people share their stories Wednesday afternoon, through breast cancer tribute tattoos.

“I got the bird one because she loves birds,” Nikole Lupo said. Lupo’s tattoo is in honor of her grandmother who beat her diagnosis a couple years ago. “It means a lot, it gives me something personal and permanent to remember my grandmother by,” Lupo said. “I think she is really going to like it.”

This is the fourth year the tattoo shop has done something for Breast Cancer Awareness month. In the past they gave free tattoos to survivors, this year they decided to do some fundraising along with it. They offered seven different tattoos, each with a pink ribbon incorporated into it. People were charged $50 dollars apiece, all of the money collected will be donated to the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition. They hope to raise over $1,000.

“I think it's great that they do it.” Justin Leighton said. Leighton and his wife Robyn came all the way from the Calais area. “We love giving to good causes.” Robyn Leighton said. Neither one of them have a close tie to breast cancer but they still wanted to help.

“My best friend passed away from cancer, so to be able to support the breast cancer awareness and get something in memory of him too is great.” Leighton said.