PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Swiss family traveling the world to learn about climate change is making a stop in Portland.

The Schwoerer family is trying to visit seven summits by traveling the seven seas to experience every climate in the world. It is part of the "Top to Top" Global Expedition.

Their latest leg took them from southern California, north to Alaska, and across the top of the world and back down through the Arctic Circle to Maine.

"It was really a great journey and we became more optimistic each year about the future of our planet," said Dario Schwoerer.

His wife Sabine gave birth to all five of their children on the trip -- each on a different continent.

"They don't judge people by their color or if they are poor or rich," she said.

They sail from one continent to the next, cycle to the mountain, then climb. They say their boat was the first to cross the Northwest Passage. They have covered 100,000 nautical miles, 18,000 miles by bike, and climbed the equivalent of 50 Mount Everests.

Needless to say, life for their children hasn't exactly been typical.

"All of the kids I've talked to -- they understand and they think it's also very cool. They maybe can't imagine it as good, but I'm sure they understand," said 11-year-old Salina.

They say they have learned and seen firsthand how real climate change is.

"We have been other places on the planet where islands disappear because of sea levels rising," said Dario.

His wife Sabine says everyone can make a difference.

"Even if they think 'I'm only doing just recycling,' -- every single step helps," she said.