POLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The State Fire Marshal's office is investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed 20 golf carts, and almost burned down a building.

Flames broke out overnight at Summit Spring Gold Course in Poland. Firefighters say if neighbors hadn't seen these carts on fire and acted quickly, the whole clubhouse likely would have burned to the ground.

Neighbors say they heard popping noises that sounded like fireworks just after 1:30 AM Monday morning. They came out to investigate and found the golf carts on fire.

20 cards were burned, but firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading to the clubhouse. They say they are investigating, and have not ruled out arson.

This is the second time this golf course has been targeted recently. Staff members say their golf carts were vandalized just three weeks ago.

The golf course it did not have security cameras, but say they will be installing them now to stop hopefully something like this from happening again.