PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Students at Casco Bay High School marched out of school early protesting what they say was a hate crime.

That alleged hate crime involved four black students from the high school.

Portland Police say those four black high students were attacked by a racially motivated white teenager while waiting for the bus on Friday.

They are investigating this as a hate crime - and say the students were both verbally and physically assaulted.

In response, both students and teachers at Casco Bay High School decided that action needed to be taken to show support for the students affected.

They say what started as school gossip turned into an organized walkout at the end of the day.

The majority of students, accompanied by supportive faculty, marched out of school 10 minutes early, carrying signs and chanting.

One of the student organizers says that feeling the support of faculty shows how closely knit the Casco Bay High School community is.

“Seeing my teachers march with us - I'm going to get emotional - they teach us every day to take action in our society, and to put ourselves out there,” said 11th grader and walk organizer Farhiyo Hassan, holding back tears. “But for them to actually do that with us, that was really moving.”

English teacher Leslie Appelbaum added, “We are a family at Casco bay, and what happens to one of us happens to us all.”

The police say the incident is still under investigation.