OLD TOWN, Maine — Most college students will be spending hours in the library preparing for finals week, but a group of 30 students at the University of Maine will be getting to work in a different way. 

Students in the 'Intro to Construction Estimating and Planning' course won't be having a final exam. They are doing a final project that will help keep history alive at the Old Town Fire Department. 

Students are building a scaled replica of the former Old Town Fire Department. It will be used to hold one of the oldest fire trucks in New England. 

"The first ever motorized fire truck in Old Town -- it replaced the horses that we used to have here," said Lt. Adam Martell of the Old Town Fire Department.

The truck is 102 years old and has been restored. It is currently on display in the Old Town Fire Department. 

This project will allow the historic truck to be on display permanently.

"Tradition -- it's where it all started," added Lt. Martell.

The Old Town Fire Department has been working to properly honor their piece of history since it came back into their possession three decades ago. 

Construction plans were completed by the town's Department of Public Works and UMaine's student construction association. 

"For them to step up and say that they'll do it is a big help," added Martell. 

For the students who are now constructing the building to hold the town's first motorized truck, it's just as enjoyable as it is for the firefighters. 

"It's nice to do something for the town instead of just doing a project for a contractor. We're out here working for the community, so it's nice," said UMaine freshman Zachary Cauoette. 

Professor Amber Killip has noticed it, too.

"It means so much more to the students to know that they're doing something that has an impact." 

The building will be finished by the UMaine Student Construction Association and the Old Town PDW once the semester ends.