MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – With snow piled high, towns and cities across the state continue to dig out.

The weight of the snow was too much for one building in downtown Millinocket.

Katahdin Pins ‘N Cues, once a bowling alley and arcade, collapsed late Sunday night as the blizzard was ramping up.

It happening even before another two feet accumulated in the town.

People in the area initially thought it was an explosion.

“When the call came in as explosion, you’re kind of wondering, ‘Did a furnace blow up?’ or something like that,” Deputy Chief Tom Malcolm said Tuesday after the storm had passed.

Malcolm said the collapse sent debris flying onto Penobscot Avenue, even shattering a window across the street.

Thankfully nobody was injured.

It is a building been around since the 1960s, but went out of business about 2 years ago.

For residents, it was once a popular spot.

“That was a very busy place, with leagues and with kids and we had our senior night graduation parties after graduation all night parties we had for years,” Malcom said.

The building is now partially leaning on an apartment building in the rear, but officials say it is structurally sound.

Malcolm said he has asked the building’s owner, a man from Massachusetts, to ensure it is taken care of soon.

He said it is a safety concern.

The collapse comes as Millinocket continues its efforts to revitalize the downtown and the region.

“When you lose a building that could have been a very viable business it hurts,” Malcolm said.

Officials hope it serves as a reminder for business and home owners alike to clean off their roofs.