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Skowhegan school board votes to keep "Indian" as mascot

People in support for keeping the mascot cited tradition.
High school mascot under fire

SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After months of passionate debate from both side, the School Administrative District 54 school board voted to keep the "Indian" as its mascot Thursday night.

The Morning Sentinel reports that the board voted 11 to 9 against changing the name.

"It's not a surprise," Barry Dana, a former chief of the Penobscot tribe in Maine and a resident of Solon tol the Morning Sentinel. "This is a process we've been engaged in for a while."

Dana and other tribal representatives have had several meetings with school official recently, requesting that they no longer use "Indians" as their mascot for sports teams.

People in support for keeping the mascot cited tradition.

There are nine Native American students in the district, according to the school board. School board memebers said they have received threats that they wouldn't be reelected if they voted a certain way.

Read more at the Morning Sentinel.

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