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Sen. Angus King 'disappointed' by Kavanaugh confirmation, as Collins votes 'yes'

The Independent Senator spoke to NEWS CENTER Maine in Washington ahead of Kavanugh's confirmation.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEWS CENTER Maine) – Independent Sen. Angus King, who voted against Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation, would not comment on Sen. Collins’ controversial decision following Saturday’s vote.

“I’m not going to express an opinion she had to make her own decision,” he said.

King told NEWS CENTER Maine he was simply ‘disappointed.’

“I don’t think [Kavanaugh] will be good for Maine or the country,” King said.

King’s office played a huge role in supporting Mainers who made the trip to Washington to protest Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and Senate vote.

The Senator opened his doors and office to everyone who came down, saying this experience was eye opening for them.

“People from Maine are always welcome in my office,” King said. “I was happy to be able to provide a place for people to roost and rest.”

Dozens of protestors from Maine joined hundreds who converged on the steps of Capitol Hill and the Supreme Courts.

Hundreds of people were arrested by Capitol Police.

Still King said he was staying optimistic about how activists and politicians could move forward.

“There’s always hope for the future. Dr. King says ‘The arc of history bends towards justice.’ It’s not always a straight line and there’s always going to be setbacks and I think this is one, King said. “ But I don’t think people should say this is the end.”

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